Our products use the customer intelligence you’re already collecting to create a marketing engine that ensures your messaging reaches people who are ready to buy the products or services you sell. It’s done in real time, through all of your existing marketing channels – online and off – while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security.


Better Engage with your customers within your digital world.

With access to the SegmintOne campaign management system, you can use your data to create and deliver highly targeted digital campaigns to customers through all of your digital properties (Web, mobile, mobile app, games, etc.).

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Reach out and find your customers online anywhere they may be.

Don’t wait for your customers to seek you out on the Internet, find them wherever they may be online! With SegmintReach, you have a powerful tool that helps reinforce your brand and offering. This is not your typical retargeting campaign!

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Connect with your customer through any channel you choose.

SegmintConnect is a powerful API that gives you access to the same highly targeted campaigns featured in our other products, allowing you to deliver messaging to any channel through which you reach your customers.

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Let us Explore your data and make it instantly actionable.

SegmintExplore is ideal for those who have data but aren’t sure what they have or how they want to leverage it. All you have to do to get started with SegmintExplore is to share your data with us. Within a short time, we’ll show you how powerful your data can be.

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A Note about Privacy

Rest assured that the entirety of Segmint’s product line has been designed with your customer’s privacy in mind. Our products don’t require any personal identifiable information to deliver meaningful content to your customers across any channel they might choose. Click here to find out more, or call us at 888-SEGMINT to find out how we accomplish this.

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