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Segmint is a FinTech SaaS that cleanses, categorizes and contextualizes data to provide customer insights that improve the depth and quality of customer relationships.

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Matthew Berthold, COOWestfield Bank

“Implementing the Segmint platform was seamless from start to finish, making it possible for our institution to begin leveraging our customer data for automated marketing right away. The features and functionality of the Segmint platform align with our current and future strategic direction to enhance the performance of our marketing initiatives through advanced analytics.”

Sarah Phalen, CEOIllinois National Bank

“The Segmint platform allows us to better analyze customer profiles to provide them products and services that could help them financially. While we’ve always had lifestyle indicators about the people who bank with us, now it’s easy to use the data and provide customers with information relevant to the activities they take part in and products they need to achieve their goals.”

Becky Hubing, Digital Marketing ManagerUW Credit Union

“The platform gives us an efficient way to target our members with an enhanced level of personalization that we utilize within our online banking product. It makes delivering a very targeted experience to each member on every interaction.”

Segmint is a trusted partner to institutions of all sizes.

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