Securely Activate Your Enterprise Data

Without receiving Personally Identifiable Information, we will unify all of your customer data.

Leverage Predictive Customer Analytics

Our platform will dynamically analyze and understand every customer through Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).

Deliver Personalization Across Channels

Within minutes you can setup and deliver secure KLI-targeted campaigns on any channel.

Access Daily Campaign Reporting

Understand new products sold by campaign and channel through a variety of automatic reports.

Data Anonymity

Our solution was designed to make data-driven marketing simple and real-time while keeping Risk and Compliance Officers happy. We do this by never accepting ANY of your customers Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”). Therefore we will never use, share or sell your customer’s PII.

As a result, you can securely communicate with your customers on any channel as if you were talking with them face-to-face.

Learn more about our Data Security Practices.