Activate Your Bank Data

Automate customer onboarding. Personalize experiences. Increase financial wellness. Predict life events. Supplement analytics. Maintain an audit trail. Drive innovation and revenue.

Transaction & Relationship Data Insights

Unify, Categorize, and Enrich Your Data

Segmint will analyze your complex, disparate data and return a powerful library of actionable customer insights and data tags known as Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).

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Data-Driven Marketing Platform

Understand, Create, Engage, & Measure

The SegmintOne platform is the industry’s only solution that securely integrates predictive analytics, campaign management, multichannel message delivery and campaign reporting into one secure solution.

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An Industry Leader

See the leading industry analysts and top tier media outlets that are covering Segmint.

Part I of the 2017 Segmint Consumer Bank Marketing Report found that Americans expect their bank to actively help them make better financial decisions, and most feel their bank is failing to provide it.

See all data from this annual look at consumer attitudes and expectations related to banking and bank technology.

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