Everyday consumers are demanding their providers to personalize every product, service and interaction. To continue to evolve policyholder relationships, insurers must proactively leverage their customer data.

Data Sources

It begins with the data. Without ever receiving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we will unify all of your siloed data.

As listed in the data feed, we can accept and analyze all of your data, in a batch process or even real-time.

Predictive Analytics and KLIs

Our Platform will continuously analyze your data to understand your customers holistically and as individuals through Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).

Our 500,000+ KLIs will help you understand customer channel preferences, payment preferences, lifestyle characteristics, and attrition likelihood.

KLIs are also used to precisely target your campaigns. As a customer’s KLIs change they will automatically fall in and out of different campaign audiences.

With Segmint, you will deploy Always On, Always Accurate, Always Secure campaigns.

Personalized and Always On Delivery

Within minutes, you can deliver your KLI targeted campaigns across channels.

Segmint’s Always On delivery system can securely deliver your campaigns through:

SegmintEngage: Message delivery to your Public Website, Consumer Sign-In Portal, and Mobile Website.

SegmintConnect: Delivery through our API which connects to your Direct Mail Campaigns, POS Equipment, Call Center, Mobile Application, Email and more.

SegmintReach: We are securely integrated with major ad networks, demand side platforms, and real-time bidding platforms, allowing you to relevantly cross-sell your current customers and even acquire new ones over the Internet.

Measurement and Reporting

Our daily reporting makes it easy to substantiate ROI.

The platform not only measures campaigns by channel, but also reports new policy sales, revenue and the impression to conversion rate of every sale.

As a customer converts and purchases the policy being offered, their KLIs will update, they will automatically be removed from the campaign and reported as a sale.

Insurance Company Benefits

  • Deliver policy cross-sell offerings that are predictive and based insights gleaned from internal data assets
  • Have the ability to reach customers on more than 4 million websites, while maintaining anonymity
  • Execute campaigns that adjust automatically as a policyholder’s life changes over time
  • Receive reporting that reveals which offers influence a conversion, regardless of channel
  • Maximize marketing dollars by eliminating the “Spray and Pray” approach to marketing