Data Insights Platform

Stitch together siloed customer data, decode cryptic transaction descriptions, and make insights available to your entire organization.

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Unify, Categorize, & Enrich Your Data

Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicator (KLI) technology provides a standardized, normalized and actionable view of your financial institution's data. KLIs are powerful customer insights and data tags that can be leveraged across your enterprise for analytics, marketing, application development and banking innovations.

If you have created a data warehouse, data lake, or standard data model, you are headed in the right direction. But, it’s not enough. Your data is filled with influential indicators that can inform and address your most critical initiatives.

Interact with this KLI Discovery "Sunburst" tool live from your desktop!

Increase Mobility & Accessibility of Your Data

Segmint’s flexible and scalable architecture receives, maps and analyzes data in real time or batch. KLIs are dynamic, and are continuously created and enriched by new data and learnings. Leverage our friendly APIs and data exchange processes to put KLIs in the hands of your decision makers and innovators to address these common challenges and more.

Competitive Analysis
Product Utilization
Personalization & User Experience
Sales & Service
Business Intelligence & Strategy
Customer Financial Health

Data Sources We Analyze

Begin with a portion or all of your data to understand what’s possible. Learn our requested data format and the KLI insights you will receive from the below data sources.

Bill Pay & ACH Transactions

Know the products and activity your customers have with competing institutions.

Credit & Debit Transactions

Understand your customers activities, interests, life events, brand preferences and more.

Core & MCIF Data

Understand your customers banking behaviors and how they are utilizing your products.

Customer Intent & Digital Journey Data

Track how your customers engage on your channels with a standardized view of interactions.

First & Third Party Audiences

Make your first party and third party customer audiences available to your entire institution.

Custom Data

Activate your custom data assets to address your institution's unique needs.

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