We Take Things Personally

At Segmint, we believe that data is exponentially more powerful when coupled with the human touch. This belief permeates our DNA, from our library scientists personally checking transaction data to our client success team working hand-in-hand with every customer to ensure their success. We have a deep commitment to partnership and privacy, and we make sure that when you work with us, you feel like we’re all on the same team.

Meet the Executive Team

Kent Blacksher

Vice President, Business Development

Joan Clark

Vice President, Product Management

Adam Craig


Lance Cuthbert

Vice President, Enterprise Architecture

Zeeshan Gauba

Vice President, Client Services

Greg Gruning

Chief Revenue Officer

Russel R. Heiser II

Co-founder & Board Member

Ed Matis

Vice President Development

Gary T. Salhany

CFO & Treasurer

Nate Shahan


Jared Wilbanks

Chief Technology Officer

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