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Segmint + Constant Contact:
A New Bar for Customer Experience and Email Privacy

The day has come when Financial Institutions can deliver 1:1 targeted and relevant emails in a seamless integrated delivery solution with the confidence that their account holder’s data remains secure. A true peace of mind.

Segmint, in partnership with established industry leaders in tokenization and email marketing, bring a Turnkey Email Channel Solution to Financial Institution (FI) of any size. This integration extends an FIs capability to leverage their full universe of Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs) for digital onboarding, drip campaigns, cross sell, financial wellness, share of wallet and competitive win-back engagements. Our simplistic turnkey approach to combining data with email automation, includes end-to-end attribution performance reporting, aggregated across all customer channels so you can easily measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Segmint plus Constant Contact
Over half the World's population will have email

By 2023, email users are expected to reach 4.3 billion, over half the world’s population.

It’s impact as a significant channel used by marketers will continue to rise, with the future of email marketing being fully intertwined with artificial intelligence and machine learning using high-quality specific data.

Turnkey approach to data-driven emails


FI send data to Segmint


FI builds campaign audiences with KLIs


FI builds emails in Constant Contact and selects a contact list

Your audience and data, together at last

Integrate your financial institution's account holder data into Constant Contact to uncover more accurate insights that can be automated into more targeted, relevant messaging.

Data-driven Onboarding Programs

Trigger timely and relevant onboarding engagements with a series of campaigns to lead your account holders on their financial journey.

Cross Sell Fueled by Competitive Insights

Identify held-away payments initiating win back messaging that is relevant and targeted, all while using Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs) assigned from your account holders’ everyday spend behavior.

Provide Financial Wellness Support

Promote your financial wellness education and events through a series of messages using Financial Health KLIs to target the right audience.

Increase Customer Engagement

Build a data-driven strategy to increase engagement through targeted messaging by leveraging the Channel Behavior and Product/Service Utilization KLIs to understand your account holders current utilization.

There are lots of email service providers out there, but all you need is Constant Contact.

Features include…

  • Customizable Email Templates

    Quickly create beautiful, branded, and mobile-responsive emails that will wow on any device.

  • Social Media Tools

    Get connected to new audiences and attract new customers with Instagram and Facebook ads.

  • List Building Tools

    Drive more traffic to your site with Google Ads, or grow your list with website sign-up forms, lead generation landing pages, text-to-join, Facebook lead ads and more.

  • Advanced Features & Integrations

    Drive engagement and results with subject line testing, automated email series, and behavioral segmentation to de3liver personalized content. Take it to the next level with our robust library of ready-made integrations.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Review email results, website performance and traffic results quickly to see what is working and improve your marketing strategy.

  • Support at Every Step

    Our team is with you every step of the way and help you get started fast.

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