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Data-Driven Marketing Platform

Empower Your Marketing with Your Core Data.

Put easy-to-use account holder insights in the hands of your marketing, retail banking, and sales teams. Segmint’s all-in-one platform integrates data analytics, campaign management, multichannel message delivery and campaign reporting in one secure solution. In minutes, your team can deploy always-on customer experiences without any technical or data science skills required.

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Deliver Dynamic Customer Experiences

Engage your customers with meaningful messages on your owned channels and over the internet. Segmint’s marketing platform can deliver personalized messages to your online banking platform, mobile application, sales management tool, teller platform, and more. Don’t stop with your owned channels, retarget your customers over the internet through engaging messages that keep your brand and products top of mind.


A Marketing Platform that Tracks Actual Product Openings

Measuring the success of your campaigns has never been easier. Campaigns managed through the Segmint Platform report actual conversions, face value of conversions, channel performance and much more without any technical assistance required.

Immediately understand how your marketing is performing and uncover new ways to optimize your campaigns with access to over 45 different dashboards.

Complex Data Made Easy with Key Lifestyle Indicators

Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicator® (KLI®) technology is the foundation of the automated marketing platform. Segmint contextualizes data through KLIs. We categorize your data with KLI categories and then dive deep into those categories to map hundreds of thousands of variants to provide the kind of granular information you need to communicate precisely with your audience.

KLI Categories:

Predictive KLI customers likely to purchase a specific banking product or service. Look-a-like models identify customers exhibiting similar behaviors as previous customers who have adopted banking products and services.

FI Product KLI financial products and services that a customer – defined as “Consumer” or “Business” – currently own and utilize to manage their banking transactions.

Competitive FI Product & Activity KLI competitive banking products a customer currently interacts with identified through analysis of the customer’s payment transactions made to a competitive FI.

Client Segmentation KLI standard and custom segmentations of the FI customer base. Standard segmentations include customer type, such as “Consumer” and ”Business,” and Demographics, such as Age and Gender.

Consumer Spend KLI customer’s ACH, credit card and debit card transactions and describe the customer’s Activities and Interests, Consumer Services, Food & Dining, Personal Asset and Transportation Indicators.

Business Spend KLI business customer’s deposit account, credit card and debit card transactions and describe purchases, such as Advertising/Online Expenses, Office Supplies, Business Fleet, Business Payroll and POS Equipment Expenses.

Customer Behavior KLI describe how the customer utilizes the FI products and includes KLIs such as account balances, LOC utilization, number of transactions processed, recency of transaction processed, term expirations, withdrawal activity, deposit activity and more.

Intent & Journey KLI real-time customer's visit to the FI's public or authenticated FI site, indicating the customer's intent to purchase a product, adopt a service or contact the financial institution.

Control Group KLIs help implement control group testing and champion-challenger testing.

Geography KLIidentify the zip code (5 digit zip) location of the customer’s home address.

Platform Features


Campaign Delivery to Assisted ChannelsThrough an API, Segmint will integrate with your Teller, Sales Management, Call Center, eStatements, Print Statements, MCIF, CRM, Emails systems and more.

Campaign Delivery to Owned Digital ChannelsSegmint will integrate and deliver messages on your Public Website, Online Banking, Mobile App, and other secure customer portals.

Campaign Delivery via Open Internet ChannelSecure delivery of your KLI-targeted messages to customers on millions of third-party websites through real-time bidding.

Capture Customer Disposition

Impression Efficiency ReportingReports that measure the efficiency of your campaigns.
Impression Efficiency Rate: The average number of times an impression is served to influence a product sale (conversion)

Impression Reporting by ChannelTrack the number of messages or targeted impressions served to customers across channels.

KLI Exports via Restful API EndpointsExport KLI assignments of an individual customer or group of customers to Sales Staff, Marketing, Branch, and more via our full suite of API endpoints.

Next Best Offer SelectionOffer decisioning analytics that determine which campaign is the most applicable for an individual based on their unique KLIs and your prioritization of goals.

Personalized Messages and OffersIncrease the relevancy of marketing messages and offers through the ability to personalize every unique message.

ROI and Conversion ReportsUnderstand a more accurate ROI than the industry standard of CTR. Track the number of product sales (conversions) influenced by your campaigns, and the Face Value and Economic Value of all conversions.

Unlimited Always On CampaignsDeploy any number of Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Product Utilization, Customer Onboarding, Acquisition, Win-Back, Competitive Take-Away Campaigns, and more.

Zone ManagementEasily add and remove delivery zones on your owned properties (Public website, Online Banking, Mobile App etc.).

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