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Competitive Insights Report

Identify growth opportunities and inform strategies through payment insights.

Segmint’s Competitive Insights Report (CIR) analyzes your first-party ACH and payment data to reveal how and why your customers are banking with competitors. The goal of the report is to provide intelligence that will inform and guide your institution’s holistic strategies.

Our clients have made unexpected discoveries leading to changes in business strategies and resulting in increased product adoption, utilization, and growth opportunities.

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How to leverage Payment Insights?


Discover your strengths and weaknesses by understanding who your true competitors are, how much money is leaving your institution, and where you are falling short.


Compete with more intensity by evolving your product offerings, marketing, sales approach, and holistic strategy based on insights gleaned from your customers first-party data.


Don’t just evolve. Innovate. The competitors your customers are banking with can tell you a lot about what they are looking for.


It’s not enough to only understand the products your customers have with you. Gain a complete financial picture of each customer and become a true financial partner.


Immediately leverage KLIs to implement new strategies, enter new markets, evolve your product offerings, and become a trusted life-long partner of your customers.

Who benefits from the Competitive Insights Report?


Identify revenue growth and new market opportunities; and improve overall market positioning and strategy.


Make informed marketing decisions, and enhance cross-sell opportunities, targeted segmentation, and improve product positioning.

Product & Innovation

Leverage your data to improve user experiences, enable new technologies, and offer innovative financial solutions.


Cross sell and advise customers based on a more complete financial picture.

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Built on leading data science technology for financial institutions.

Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicator® (KLI®) technology cleanses, categorizes, and contextualizes data. You don’t have time to research every transaction description and variation. Our proprietary technology, paired with expert library scientists, does all of the mundane work with the speed and accuracy you need to stay cutting edge.

The CIR leverages KLIs to tag transactions your account holders are making to their held away products from your deposit accounts. The report provides actionable trends and insights on the frequency, volume, and payees that uncover previously untapped insights about your customers and competitors.

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