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eBook: Stay Competitive Through the Actionability of Data Achieving actionable data doesn’t have to be cumbersome - getting on board with organization, security and automation can give an FI the edge it needs over the competition. Download Now
Case Study: Product Adoption Open Internet Advertising The competition is advertising on the Internet - shouldn’t you? Account holders’ everyday purchase transaction data is key to understanding the unique financial behaviors of each of them along with their engagement with the competition. Download Now
eBook: Data As Your Foundation Relying on data as the foundation of an institution’s ecosystem is no longer optional - it’s a must. Banks and credit unions have a wealth of insights within their account holder data, but must improve how data is put into action. Download Now
eBook: Guide to Merchant Payment Cleansing Know your account holders better with clean, actionable data. Cleansing is required in order to build trust in your transactional data, make better decisions with data, and nurture relationships with your account holders. Download Now
White Paper: 3 Reasons Why Merchant Payment Cleansing Should Be Foundational For most financial institutions, it's impossible to truly understand consumer transaction behavior with the wide variance of merchant payment descriptions. So what are the 3 reasons why merchant payment cleansing should be foundational? Find out in our quick guide. Download Now
White Paper: The Gig Economy - How FIs Can Find Hidden Revenue Opportunities Banks & Credit Unions Need To Pay Attention. In one to two years, the majority of the U.S. workforce could be comprised of independent contractors. Banks and credit unions, if they act quickly, could take advantage of this growing segment by using first-party data to effectively engage with these self-employed consumers. Download Now