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Activate Your ACH Transactions

Stay ahead of your competition with insights from your customer transactions.

What was the problem?

The banking industry is experiencing enhanced competition from non-banks, disruption by FinTechs, and market consolidation due to M&As. Digital technology is further intensifying the market, revolutionizing the way consumers research banking products, conduct their banking, and open new accounts.

How Does Segmint Add Value?

Segmint analyzes ACH transactions and accurately identifies the held away accounts that customers have with competitors. Segmint provides a complete financial picture of every customer, reveals total dollars leaving the institution, and exposes new market opportunities based on account holder transactions.

Inform M&A Decisions

Knowing where else your customers are banking, and what products they have with each competitor can help you make the right M&A decisions.

Evolve Your Products & Services

Understanding your customers held away products can help you understand how to evolve your offerings, innovate your technology, and fulfill their needs.

Cross-Sell the Right Products

Deploy competitive take-away campaigns, and improve the relevancy of your marketing by understanding your account holders products with you and your competitors.

Fred Schwertfeger, PresidentHoricon Bank.

"I have worked with a lot of different analytics packages and MCIFs, and Segmint’s Payment Analytics provides something I have never seen before. Segmint gets underneath competitive data that is not in a typical market share report and provides a more complete view of our competitors. This data helps us quantify the impact that non-local competitors have, as well as identify opportunities to expand our own customer relationships."

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