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Drive Revenue with Data

Leverage data to increase deposits, boost interchange income, and drive lending.

What was the problem?

With the decline of traditional banking relationships, identifying easy opportunities to drive revenue and increase the share of wallet is challenging.

How Does Segmint Add Value?

Segmint’s Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs) provide up-to-date access to your customers product mix, product utilization, held away accounts, and needs. Empowering your sales and marketing teams to message the right products and services at the right time.

Increase Product Utilization

Encourage account holders to swipe their debit card, draw on their HELOC, pay bills online, utilize MRDC, renew CDs and more.

Boost Lending

Identify opportunities to cross-sell the right loan or line of credit based on each customers product mix with you and their products with competitors.

Increase Deposits

How customers are transacting and transferring money will help you cross-sell and offer the right DDA, savings, CD, or investment account.

Sarah Phalen, CEOIllinois National Bank

"The Segmint platform allows us to better analyze customer profiles to provide them products and services that could help them financially. While we’ve always had lifestyle indicators about the people who bank with us, now it’s easy to use the data and provide customers with information relevant to the activities they take part in and products they need to achieve their goals."

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