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Predictive AI Modeling is Now Attainable for Financial Institutions of All Sizes

Only 10% of banks and credit unions identified themselves as currently using data and AI frequently to drive marketing1

This is your opportunity to stand out!

Bespoke AI-driven predictive models normally take months to deploy and are typically expensive, making them the exclusive domain of only the largest financial institutions. As a result, community banks and credit unions have been at a major competitive disadvantage in using predictive analytics and AI to drive business decisions. Until Now.

88% of Professionals using AI agree it is impactful on their company's competitive advantage.2

Do You Want to Optimize Every Interaction to Unlock Greater ROI?

Segmint's Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLI®) as well as Key Business Indicators®(KBI®)
are the ultimate input for artificial intelligence predictive analytics models for banks and credit unions.

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Simply Better Data - Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs)

We analyze account holder's everyday purchase transactions and their utilization of banking products to assign Segmint's proprietary data tags, KLIs. KLIs, assigned to each account holder provide a holistic view of the account holder, describing their financial products, behaviors and spend patterns. These data tags are the ideal input.

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AI Predictive Modeling

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KLIs - The Ultimate Input to Predictive Modeling

KLIs are an ideal input to our predictive models because they represent a holistic view of the account holder. However, KLIs also solve the most difficult and time consuming part of data science — cleansing and normalizing data.

Good data science and predictive modeling relies on cleansed and contextualized data. From describing the number of debit card swipes an account holder makes to distilling tens of millions of Amazon transaction variants into a single data tag, KLIs provide highly normalized and contextualized data labels for your customer data.

KLIs are the key ingredient for highly useful and accurate predictive modeling. We analyze account holder’s everyday purchase transactions and their utilization of banking products to assign Segmint’s proprietary data tags, KLIs. These data tags are the ideal input.

Simply Better Data

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Everyday purchase behaviors are extremely predictive of a customer's financial priorities

Daily Detection

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Observes data produced by customers daily to determine impact of spend on future behaviors

Continuous Optimization

On-demand access to AI model results

Full Universe of Insights

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Deployed with a full suite of KLIs - equipping clients with a multitude of engagement options

Multi-Channel Marketing

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Multi-channel marketing solution to automate engagements

Segmint offers out-of-the-box cross sell predictive models and an attrition model:

Attrition Model

Segmint’s Attrition Model identifies customers at high-risk of leaving an institution in the near future. By analyzing customer insights describing product openings, banking behaviors, account activity and trends, held-away payment behavior and merchant spend patterns we identify those customers that may be experiencing a confluence of events potentially leading to a departure.

Cross Sell Models

Financial Institutions finally have the tools to reliably identify account holders with the highest likelihood to adopt a new product – on-demand, updated daily and deployed alongside a full suite of Customer Insights. Be one of the elite FIs that use KLI Customer Insights to identify and target the right cross sell audience.

Segmint offers cross sell predictive models for the following FI products to target the right audience at the right time with the right offer. Clients can choose any one or more of these models to align with their strategic goals.

cross-sell models display cross-sell models display

Custom Models

Segmint's industry leading AI platform empowers FIs to solve their most challenging issues. Leveraging the full universe of Customer Insights (KLIs) to identify the behavior you want to predict, Segmint can build and deploy custom predictive models for any FI with incredible speed and scale.

Such as predicting which account holders:

  • Will take advantage of private banking services
  • Are likely to adopt a second product
  • Would utilize your PFM solution
  • Would adopt mobile banking