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Customer Insights

Customer Insights


Identify growth opportunities and inform strategies through payment insights.

Leveraging your clean, tagged data, we help you deeply understand your customers and where you can best grow with them. We give you the full picture of your customers, combining analysis of their transactions with an overview of your product line utilization.

Our categorization of transaction data is the most broad, deep and complete that you’ll find anywhere, period. We won’t bore you with the details of our patents and other nerdy stuff (although we’d love to) but our library scientists want you to know that they’ve invested more than 350,000 hours (and counting) to create a powerful data taxonomy that helps you unleash the power of data to better connect with your customers.

Do You Understand Your Customers?

Find out where your biggest opportunities to grow are.

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Activate Your Data

With Segmint you can activate any and all of your data.

Core & MCIF Data

Understand your account holders banking behaviors, product utilization, and full relationship with you.

Bill Pay & ACH Data

Expose the money movement flowing in and out of your institution, and gain a complete picture of your customers held away accounts.

Customer Intent & Digital Journey

Identify customer intent by connecting a customers digital engagement with all of your other data.

Debit & Credit Card Transactions

Understand your customers’ activities, interests, life events and more.

First & Third-Party Segments

Enrich your customer data with third party market data such as Bureau information and P$ycle codes.

Custom Data

Activate, enrich and contextualize any custom data assets that address your institution's unique needs.

Customer Insights At Work

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk of lost accounts with attrition indicators

Share of Wallet

Grow your share of wallet and develop new programs that meet your customer’s needs

Identify Accounts

Identify new opportunities with held-away accounts

How Clear are Your Insights?

Understand your customers & find ways to grow with them.

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Marketing Automation

Put customer insights to work with actionable campaigns.

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Opportunity Consults

Not sure what’s best for your organization? We can help.

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