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Merchant Payment Cleansing

Build trust in your transactional data and make better decisions with our data cleansing and financial data quality management tools.

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Give your customers a 5-star online banking portal experience

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Avoid transaction disputes by providing better online banking statements

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Reduce IT man hours, lag time and quality issues with cleansing your data in-house

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Leverage data to unlock insights & grow with your customers.

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The Snowflake Cloud Environment

Want to process data entirely within a secure cloud environment?

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What you get back

We help you know your customers better with clean, usable data.

For most financial institutions, it’s impossible to truly understand consumer transaction behavior with the wide variance of merchant payment descriptions. We help you unlock the power of your merchant payment and transaction data by producing consistent and usable data with our merchant payment cleansing.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let the “before” and “after” of our merchant payment cleansing speak for itself. But what you can’t see behind the powerful data is:

  • Our merchant payment data cleansing services lead the industry in efficiency, accuracy, and reliability
  • We add *real humans* to our artificial intelligence process to ensure that the quality of our data lives up to the absolute highest standards
  • Through our pre-integrated access to complete core and transaction data, we’ve analyzed and stored hundreds of millions of transactions across more than 30,000 merchants and financial institutions

Is Your Data Working for You?

Gain better insights from your transactional data.

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