Transaction Analytics for Financial Services

Enhance your data and build a strong foundation for all of your strategies.

Tap into the potential of one of your most powerful assets; your data. Clean, categorized, and contextualized data is a foundational element to the innovations and strategies of today and tomorrow.

Improve User Experiences

  • Develop Captivating User Experiences
  • Inform M&A Decisions
  • Gain Competitive Intelligence
  • Leverage Granular Business Intelligence
  • Increase Marketing Efficiency
  • Inform Your Team of Valuable Customer Insights

From Complex to Clean with Key Lifestyle Indicators

Segmint’s patented Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLI®) technology, and expert library scientists will do the tedious work, so you can stay focused on initiatives that grow your bottom line. Our KLI taxonomy is the industry's most granular and accurate classification system of financial data. KLIs are descriptive data tags that describe the unique characteristics of every customer and every transaction.

Tap into the Largest Library of Transaction Variations

With 10 years of experience, Segmint has analyzed billions of transactions across the globe and developed a catalog of transaction description variations from the largest brands to small single location retailers.

1,113,714 Variations of
149,495 Variations of
316,337 Variations of
23,173 Variations of

No Data Left Behind

With Segmint you can activate any and all of your data.

Core & MCIF Data

Understand your account holders banking behaviors, product utilization, and full relationship with you.

Bill Pay & ACH Data

Expose the money movement flowing in and out of your institution, and gain a complete picture of your customers held away accounts.

Customer Intent & Digital Journey

Identify customer intent by connecting a customers digital engagement with all of your other data.

Debit & Credit Card Transactions

Understand your customers’ activities, interests, life events and more.

First & Third-Party Segments

Enrich your customer data with third party market data such as Bureau information and P$ycle codes.

Custom Data

Activate, enrich and contextualize any custom data assets that address your institution's unique needs.

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Securely Unify, Standardize and Activate All of Your Data

Without ever receiving personally identifiable information(PII), Segmint will unify and standardize your anonymous data as soon as it is received – in real time, daily or weekly.

In order for machine learning, deep learning, etc. to be effective and work the most quickly, the more data that is tagged and defined and labeled correctly the quicker everything goes… The equivalent of low-end skilled labor today... will be labeling and tagging data…It's going to be the job of the future.

Mark Cuban at the Lerer Hippeau Ventures CEO Summit in New York in May 2017

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