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Financial Health & Wellness

Use actionable customer insights to help improve customers' financial health & wellness

The Problem

Consumers today expect their financial institution to already know all of their needs. With so much data, it’s hard to make sense of all of the information available to truly help customers reach their full financial potential.

The Solution

Segmint exposes hidden information about customers held away accounts, lifestyles, needs, and preferences. Segmint makes data easy-to-use by standardizing and unifying all core and transaction data into simple categorized data tags known as Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).

Making this Use Case Actionable

  1. Help Customers Manage Debt

    Offer customers ways to improve their financial wellness by understanding their competitive accounts and payment amounts.

  2. Encourage Customers to Save

    Help customers reach their savings goals by understanding their lifestyle and financial situation with clean and categorized transactions.

  3. Understand Customers' Financial Health

    Assess the financial health of your customers through one path in their financial journey by identifying those who are able to make recurring payments on standard budget items like utilities, mobile service payment, insurance payments, ecommerce, daycare and subscription services.