Use Cases > Help Account Holders Achieve Financial Goals

Help Account Holders Achieve Financial Goals

Using Financial Health Indicator KLIs to specifically address issues of Financial Wellness and Goals in your account holders.

The Problem

The banking industry is experiencing enhanced competition from non-banks and Fintechs, revolutionizing the way consumers conduct their banking, and open new accounts.

The Solution

Segmint analyzes ACH transactionsand helps financial institutions better understand their account holders ever changing financial financial challengesand opportunities using specific KLIs for Financial Health Indicators. 

Making this Use Case Actionable

  1. Recommend Investment Opportunities to Account Holders with Recent Increase in Payroll Deposits

    Identify consumers who have recently benefited from an increase in their average payroll deposits, from a salary increase, commission payment, or other increase in compensation. Marry Increasing Payroll Deposits Trend with Have Young Children to recommend investing in a college fund. Or, identify consumers currently investing withAcorns or Robinhood, and suggest they consider your Investment or Wealth Management services.

  2. Offer Debt Consolidation Options to Account Holders who Pay Less than Full CC Balance

    Consumers who struggle to pay their credit card balance in full may likely benefit from options to consolidatetheir credit card balances. Build targeted HELOC campaign audiences to identify account holders who are likelyto pay Less than the Full Amount.