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Merchant Payment Cleansing

Clean and manage merchant payment data to make it usable and actionable

The Problem

Accurately identifying and matching millions or even billions of transactions and transaction descriptions to the right merchants requires a lot of time and resources that institutions of all sizes do not have.

The Solution

Segmint is the industry leader in accurately identifying, tagging, and categorizing financial transactions including credit card, debit card, ACH, bill pay, and much more. Our Library Science methodology blends man and machine to provide the fastest and most accurate data enhancement available.

Making this Use Case Actionable

  1. AI & Chatbots

    The more accurate your data is tagged and categorized, the faster your Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot investments can respond to requests.

  2. Data Science & Modeling

    Stop wasting time cleaning and standardizing your data. Leverage a proven and robust taxonomy and enhance your transaction data with most accurate data tags and robust categorization.

  3. Optimize Resources

    Free up your call center with easy-to-read transaction descriptions.

  4. Statement Cleansing & Enhance CX Experience

    Your customers have a 5-star experience with your online banking portal with clean transaction descriptions.