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Recurring Payments

Encourage recurring payments and increase interchange revenue by uncovering growth opportunities in your payment analytics and transactional data.

The Problem

FI's are always looking for ways to increase interchange revenues from their debit or credit card products where recurring payments are used, but can’t easily identify spend behaviors exhibited by their customers.

The Solution

Segmint’s cleansing and categorization service can quickly evaluate and enrich millions of transactions. The resulting data can empower an FI to easily identify the spending trends and behaviors exhibited by card holders, and unlock hidden profit opportunities.

Making this Use Case Actionable

  1. Identify and Incentivize

    Identify ideal account cardholders using their card for recurring payments and incentivize other customers to mimic this behavior to increase your overall card interchange revenue.

  2. Understand Customers' Financial Health

    Assess the financial health of your customers through one path in their financial journey by identifying those who are able to make recurring payments on standard budget items like utilities, mobile service payment, insurance payments, ecommerce, daycare and subscription services.